Business Insider’s Stupid Reporting on Walmart Closing

funnypigA Few days back, Business Insider tried its incompetent best to report Walmart’s decision to close 269 of its stores. Take a look at their crappy reporting. Here’s how the story starts:

Walmart is closing 269 stores and laying off thousands of employees.”

Here’s what it becomes a few lines later:

The company said it would try to place laid-off employees at other Walmart stores

The second line, as you can see, is meant to support the first one. It’s intended to be part of its explanation, but in reality, it comes out negating it. The two cannot stand it in the same context, unless we assume that laying off is not the same as trying to lay off. This assumption holds true normally but in this context it doesn’t. The context does not challenge that Walmart’s trying to rehire won’t hold true. In short, it’s like saying that America won’t be importing any cotton this year, and to explain this point saying that we’ll be consuming cotton and won’t be producing it ourselves. So clearly, you’ll be importing- something you denied in the very first statement.

In fact, those not possible to accommodate will only be a small number, not thousands, as initially reported.

And if you are trying to take the company’s one claim as a given, then you have to give’em another one too. This might not always be true, but in this case, you are essentially using the first given to reach a conclusion when clearly a completely different conclusion comes attached to the premise: They are clearly stating that the company would try to accommodate these employees.

Here’s what it looks like even a few lines after:

The retailer said it still planned to open more than 100 US stores in the next year

Now, naturally these employees could be accommodated here, and most probably, they’ll have a better chance at getting a job there than most of us, thanks to their experience. So what’s all the sensationalism for?

Oh yes, maybe they are trying to sell that it’s all gonna be gloomy after they shut down. Well, not really, because even if they do shut down the laid-off people could simply find a job at the neighborhood stores, who will naturally get a surge in their sales after this Walmart shark leaves their pond. There’s absolutely no reason to panic, but yes, maybe there’s. It’s for Business Insider & Walmart, because the thing for common folks like us is nobody’s gonna die if Walmart pulls its shutters down. Walmart could just go to hell, and we’d still be happy and making babies.

Maybe Business Insider needs to start doing some better journalism.

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